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This is Free tools that are used for Word Counter,sentence, Paragraphs,and reading time of Paragraphs.

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Word Counter

The Word Counter is a real-time web application for counting words, characters, phrases, paragraphs, and pages, as well as checking spelling and grammar. It helps writers improve their word choice and writing style, as well as detect grammar errors and plagiarism. Additionally, our tool will precisely estimate speaking time to help with preparation for class presentations, wedding speeches, and other such events.

Pasting in Your Content

By typing directly into the text space above or pasting in your content, you can use The Word Counter. The top of the page will show the word and character counts, any writing errors will be highlighted, and your most often used keywords will appear to the right.


The Auto-Save feature ensures that any changes you make while editing are saved, even if you leave the site and return later. NOTE: Save this page immediately for future reference.

Copywriters and Digital Marketers

Another feature of The Word Counter built exclusively for copywriters and digital marketers is the ability to compare your text length to web standards such as Twitter's 140-character tweet limit, Google's meta description (300), and Facebook's average post display length (250). Our tools and services are always changing. Simply let us know if you think a new feature or tool would be useful, and we'll make it happen! Good luck with your writing!