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Free tools CSS Minifier & Code Minifier and minifies CSS Files Decrease the CSS files size. To optimize website speed, it is necessary to minify the CSS code and file of website.

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Minifying CSS removes the spacing, indentation, newlines, and comments from the nicely formatted CSS code you've produced. These elements aren't necessary for CSS to work properly. It also makes it more difficult to read the CSS. Many developers follow the 'best practise' of keeping a 'beautified' version and running the styles through a minification software before releasing their code. They'll also consolidate all of their style files into one.

Why We need use CSS Minifier?

The goal of minifcation is to make a website load faster. Minimization can reduce the size of a script by up to 20%, resulting in a faster download time. It will also be used by some developers to 'obfuscate' their code. This makes it more difficult to interpret the code, making reverse engineering or copying more complex. It's also usual practise to consolidate all of a website's CSS files into a single file. There are a number of advantages to this. It minimises the amount of HTTP requests required to obtain all of a website's elements. It also improves the efficiency of minification and gzip compression.

Obviously, this is only a simple example utilising a fragment of CSS code, but you can image how much space this would save if thousands of lines of code were minified. So, technically, if you wanted to accomplish this by hand, you could. However, you'd face the risk of making a mistake and wasting vital time or your life!