Online CSS Unminifier

Unminifiers and beautifiers for js may be familiar to you awan tools. I needed something similar to make minified CSS readable, so I made a small tool to unminify CSS using javascript. It generates neat code using numerous regular expressions (and occasionally a split followed by a join), and it also allows you to define tab width. If you wish to try it out, I've given a minified sample.

​ What is Unminify Css tool?

It's a simple web application that lets you turn compressed CSS code into readable form, a process known in the industry as "unminifying." We take your input and add linebreaks and tabs according to CSS coding standards to unminify CSS. While the tool is effective at formatting your CSS, you should ALWAYS have a workflow that prevents your original CSS code from being compressed. When you're done, click the bottom right icon to transfer the uncompressed CSS to your clipboard.

Unminify CSS Code Using Our Online Awan Tools

Uncompress CSS by converting minified CSS to properly written and indented CSS code using this online CSS unminifier tool. Simply paste the compressed CSS code into the box below and click the button.

Note: the easiest way to look a site’s CSS is to use a tool like firebug on firefox, but sometimes you still might want to view the full source to see any browser-specific hacks that won’t appear in firebug or to just take a peak at how someone may organize his or her code.

Unminify Process for css code

This technique will reassemble the minified CSS into a readable format. After you've made the necessary adjustments to the file, I'll teach you how to re-minify it. Un-minification is sometimes referred to as beautification. Because it enhances the aesthetics of CSS. To put it another way, it makes CSS easier to read.